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TraderXP Review

TraderXP Review

  • Easy to use platform
  • User friendly
  • Attractive promotions
  • Fast withdraws
  • Payouts Percentage

TraderXP opened at the end of 2009, one of several early on broker companies to hit the market. These were developed to offer traders with a simple, easy and intuitive platform for investing in the finance markets. Based in the British Virgin Islands, they provide traders to be able to trade using financial assets available as binary options for commodities, currencies, indices and stocks and enjoy huge returns as well.

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Since their own inception, TraderXP have succeeded to turn out to be one of the most trusted and respected binary option brokers over the internet. So, we will do a binary options review of one of the dealing platforms of the market, of course we can do daily market reviews here, but just some hints to help traders choose the best trading platform.

Forex trading platform and reviews

TraderXP trading platform is among the easiest trade platforms to use since it demands no software installation. Remaining internet based, customers can easily get connected to this coming from just about anywhere all over the world so long they get access to the internet.

Different types of Trades found on TraderXP

Currently, TraderXP customers can buy and sell in four distinct groups of trading vehicles including almost any option like regular Binary Options, Option Builder Options, One Touch Options as also 60 seconds Options. Each one of these classes are in fact different methods of trading via binary options. Additionally they provide distinct profits. Such as, using one touch options, earnings could be as high as 500%.

Remarkable Benefits

Regarding the advantage of traders, TraderXP also provide a couple of extremely exceptional benefits using their forex trading platform. While using Double-up tool and Rollover function, investors are actually much better prepared to optimize their own earnings potential and take advantage form the best binary options trading signals.

The Rollover Feature

Applying this feature, traders can easily prolong the expiration time of the option they may be purchased. I recently came across that this function is very helpful if you find where the market is definitely not going in the way an individual expected inside the initial expiration time period. Applying this feature, you’re able to “rollover” your own investment decision for another opportunity to close up in the money.

The Double Up Tool

It enables traders to basically “double-up” their own investment once the marketplace is moving the direction they expected. The application is particularly helpful whenever employed near to the asset expiry time.


Somewhat, TraderXP gives very affordable returns. Regarding transactions that reach its expiration date in the money, investors typically could get returns starting from 68% towards 75%. Meant for positions that have been not successful, traders have the opportunity to obtain a return out of 5% to 10%.

Asset List

Inside TraderXP plataform you will find out 4 different types of assets such as over 30 distinct companies in stock market, more than 15 pair of currencies, above 7 Commodities and 28 different market Indices.



In terms of credibility, TraderXP will take the security of their clients money quite seriously. For this reason they provide many options from recognized together with respected organizations to assist their own customers fund their deposit and ease the withdrawal procedure. In order to both deposit or withdraw money, traders are able to use this particular ways further down:

  • CashU
  • Credit Cards
  • iDEAL
  • Maestro
  • Moneybookers
  • Nordea Netbank
  • Wire Transfer

Support service

Regarding customer care, investors can easily get to the help support team simply by emailing them at over the contact page form given on the webpage or emailing them direct. Additionally, they might receive support using the “Live Assistance” function on the webpage. The web site are available in 8 different languages form Arabic to Spanish in addition to English obviously. Localized telephone support is additionally available for more than 17 countries. Overall, the support team generally handle the traderxp complaints in a very professionally manner.

TraderXP Advantages

In our point of view the TraderXP platform have many advantages or if you prefer we can call they binary options secret like:

  • Credible
  • Reliability
  • Responsive broker
  • Simple to use platform
  • Many kind of assets
  • Innovative trading features

·         Instant access to the forex trading platform using any kind of software download

TraderXP Negative aspects

Besides the binary options trading secrets, the fact that their Rollover feature is actually a plus, it might be more improved since they can be available too for end of the day trading.

Final Conclusions

Nowadays there can be a large number of binary option brokers over the internet however, just a few have been around as long as TraderXP. Precisely why these people were capable to succeed for so long is really because several traders have come to trust these people.

In this particular extremely competitive market, an fx broker can easily almost never survive on razor blade tiny margins when they don’t have a base of consumers to develop on. Certainly TraderXP will be able to accumulate a customer base since they are in this business for the long term.


  1. Hey there guys you are carrying out a great job. I mean to say beginners in trading with this issue are quite inspired throughout your website that is amazing. I really like this web site since it shows us the right path of trading rather than a fraud way! Thanks a lot guys. I am pleased a lot with this website!

  2. A real good broker …Impressive and most essential, these are truthful!

  3. Right now there platform is fantastic and customer support amazing although what about withdrawal?

    • Charise, i tried many binary option platforms before TraderXP, and I would say that this one was much better than the other ones. I do not like much the fact that that they ask to send documents right after the initial deposit but i understand that it is for my financial protection, and as far I know almost reputable brokers do that kind of things.

      Even though I have some trading experience, they paired me up with a market analyst that essentially showed me like eight strategies and showed me how to make money out of it.

      Withdrawal takes around one week and they never caused troubles with the withdrawal. For you got an idea, i have been withdrawing from them between 800-1000$ each month for the last 3 months without problems.

  4. Looks too good to be true. Need to try it although noticed some negative stuff also about them.

  5. Pleased I came on this website when carrying out my own homework to discover a reliable Binary option broker. You guys are do good work!

  6. I am going to join up TraderXP, I actually just hope that as a Citizen of the us, I am allowed to buy and sell foreign currencies. Several Binary Options brokers will not allow US People to buy and sell foreign currencies.

  7. Hi there men, anybody made profit and cashed out from TraderXP? This is actually the most significant point for me personally; right after reading through reviews and some surprising comments on youtube, deciding on the best broker is the vital thing. Wonderful web site anyways.

  8. Thanks a lot James for great information like that…

  9. Forex trading with TraderXP along with more than 3 years now, I will say that they may be a SCAM! I performed an investigation, which in which I identified descreptencies within their general trends. You will find gaps! I lost my cash and therefore can you!

  10. I would like to ensure that these kinds of feedback are genuine, so I choose to send a message of my very own to verify if it really works

  11. I possess an account with TraderXP. Someone said me that, different by many other brokers, they make real orders in the real market along with my own money once i purchase an option therefore, once i win they get an revenue of 20-25%, while I loose, they don’t loose anything at all. That show that they may have no interest in making me loose. You think this is true?

  12. Fantastic work! Thanks a lot!

  13. I was so fortunate. I came across the very best web site for me personally after having a very long research. Thanks a lot

  14. Anybody withdrew from TraderXP and if so, just how much?

  15. Hey there! Thanks a lot for that information. I seriously start trading just before I saw this web site, gotten agree with every single word.

  16. I have already been working with TraderXP during the last Three months. I really could point out I had a great experience with them. My own first deposit was 2000$ right after not touching my funds for 2 weeks, I withdrew $1200 from that; it took such as a full week although since it was the initial withdraw. Fantastic.

    Furthermore, I have an account manager that gives me advice on managing my account, and even tips about how to improve my acc. pleased 10/10. Recommended. Best of luck to all traders.

  17. So gifted I came across your web site via Google. Has been considering choosing Global Option since somebody advertising the binary option system has suggested it. Now I am taking into consideration TraderXP. Once again, thanks to your support!

  18. Thanks a lot, I almost got involved with another anonymous company that I would have in all probability lost my shirt with. Looking towards reporting my great news.

  19. My friend recommended this amazing site and he was entirely correct keep up the excellent show great results!

  20. I really like the information you guys give thanks!

  21. Hi there to everyone. I have already been trading for more than a year with TraderXP. I believe they are improving quite a lot. I placed $250, after that $1200 more to get to be instructed by a particular trader. After having a several wins, I withdrew almost everything okay, leaving behind $650 earnings on the account.

    Last December I jumped to achieve the 89% pay out adding one more 8000. Since that time, I am trading at $1000/trade. Have to take out my own deposit just before Christmas time, no worries and since then $18.500 without problems. The only real problem with TraderXP is the “price has changed” pop-up window that is a real annoyance in case you are carrying out a rigid strategy.

    I loose in between 5 and 8 WINS each week and it SUCKS. TraderXP is based on SpotOptions forex trading platform, and it is super easy to operate! In resume, they are trustful and extremely helpful when something does not go right.

    • Hello dude, great to know that you are making good money with TraderXP do you have a specific strategy that you can share with us?

      I mean how do you make it happen? If possible, please share with me and help me please!

  22. Ok wanted to ensure each one of these feedback are genuine, so I believed I might comment personally simply to ensure the comment box does work.

  23. I appreciate your advice. I have already been considering which broker to select. Thanks for the guidance!

  24. I want to thank a good report, will likely be joining TraderXP soon. Is going to be reporting again.

  25. Dear James,

    My TraderXP account was closed suddenly on Fev 26, 2014 without prior notice, by a false charge of “using fraudulent credit card”. However, I was planning of withdrawing my money for the first time on either 27th or 28th…

    Anyway, I talked to TraderXP support and think they are good. The resolved the issue in a reasonable time and said me that the do this when the see a suspicion transaction to protect the costumer funds, after the confirmation of my identity all was resolved for good. The problem was something to do with the fact that I used the computer of my girlfriend when I made the credit card transaction.

  26. Am happy about your work of consolidating traders who are lost in absolute fear of investing in fraudulent brokers. God bless you James.

  27. I have been trading with TraderXP the full last week and my personal experience has always been good almost of the time.

    In short, I like them and they are very helpful, i wish i had done my research before losing money in other untrusted brokers but it has not much anyway.

  28. I see many comments here about TraderXP, some positive and some negative, but I still cannot decide if it is a fraud or not. I have tested many brokers, but nowadays it is not easy to find a legitimate broker that would not give any problems our stole or hard earned money.

  29. Trading with TraderXP with over 1 year now, and I can say you that they are a trusted broker. In in last year I conducted my personal research about them and not seen much descreptencies in their trends. I win much money and you can too my friend.

  30. Cash withdrawal is not as easy as they say. I was refused twice to withdraw because they claimed they had not sufficient proof of my identity. I provided them my passport, driver license, bank statement, credit card with the number blacked out except the last 4 digits.

    They said it was not good enough and wanted more information. Then later claimed they could not read the information and wanted me to send a new copy in high resolution. It walked over a week, but finally there approved the withdrawal. Well taking this trouble, the truth is that I do not have much reason to complain, but eventually they could ease more customer’s life.

  31. The Traderxp website seems very appealing, but the inability of the live chat representative to answer anything I asked for and taking too long to respond leaves many room to improvements.

  32. Being a rookie trader, I find that TraderXp user-friendly trading platform helps to make things easier to trading with success. I also like there expert advice about the forex market which had helped me get as much as 85% returns on my investments.

  33. If you do some research you will find out some lees good comments about traderxp, but i’m sure that, many of them are not integrally true. In my opinion, the goal of traderxp team should be build a solid reputation among traders and defend it against attacks.

  34. They kept on calling me asking me to invest, after a while of thinking I came to a conclusion that I was going to invest Money by Binary option so I invested with Binary Uno, I made nice profits as promised, then the time for the Free Bonus Bet came and I also made profits on, Then they started telling me of how I need to increase my investment to X30 including my profit, well I fell for that not until I needed some money and felt the fastest and easiest way to get it is by withdrawing from my trading account, from this moment they started coming up with flimsy excuses. It took me 4-6months to finally accept that it was a scam, my bank said chargeback won’t get anything back so I had just lost most of my retirement to these suckers, after a while of researching online and always commenting on things like I am saying now, I saw someone recommend Calgary security . Org I was desperate and depressed so I gave it a try, here I am today happy with most of my money invested back to me. Im not greedy, I don’t need all back, I just feel waaayy better even if I got about 70% back. Don’t go near Binary Uno, they will not only scam you but also make you suicidal if you’re not strong.

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